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Median Landscaping -- Acknowledgement Signs

Copy of letter from Citizens for a Scenic Florida President Jonson; links to photo attachments at bottom

From:  Bill Jonson
Sent:  Saturday, May 13, 2000 11:16 AM
To:  Jeff Caster

Subject:  Signs acknowledging landscaping in the medians - inconsistencies

Dear Jeff,

You are currently in the process of updating FAC 14-40.  I suggest that section 14-40 (5) be revised to include standards of performance for acknowledgement signs prior to the authorization of a landscape permit in the right of way median.  FAC currently allows these median plantings to include a sign acknowledging donated materials.

I am enclosing photos taken in Gainesville where the median plantings substantially improve the appearance of the roadway.  A small conservative sign acknowledging the substantial improvement is appropriate.

But I am also enclosing photos taken in Chiefland where minimal, sometimes dead and dying, plantings are a sorry excuse for advertising on the public right of way.

I would be happy to provide hard copy photos for your review if the electronic ones do not clearly illustrate the difference.

The revision should include provision for pulling a permit when maintenance is not continued.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Bill Jonson
Citizens for a Scenic Florida
2694 Redford Court West
Clearwater, Florida 33761
727-786-3075 (Fax 727-787-3964)

Gainesville Median Photos

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Chiefland Median Photos

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