Historic Places

historic places

Lake Wales Historic District
This site offers a peek at the many preserved historic buildings in the commercial district, and in the future will include the historic residential district as well.

National Park Service
The Golden Crescent:  Crossroads of Florida and Georgia
This site explores the geography and history of "the Golden Crescent," a swath of land along the Atlantic Coast from Savannah, Georgia to Cape Canaveral, Florida and inland towards Tallahassee, Florida.  The site provides discussion of several cultural themes of significance to the region, including the mounds and rings left on the landscape by prehistoric peoples and the struggle between colonial empires for control of the territory.

Springfield Historic District
This site celebrates the Springfield District of Jacksonville, Florida, listed in the National Register of Historic Places as Jacksonville's second Historic District.  Springfield has thousands of vintage houses -- over two-thirds of the residences presently found in Springfield were built before 1921.