Landscape and Tree Protection

680 Tree Fact Sheets (pdf)
University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Dept.  The selection options include plant family, common name, and scientific name.
Beauty and The Beast — Billboard Tree Cutting (pdf)
How the billboard industry makes money by chopping down the public's trees; why states let them, and what you can do to stop it.  Scenic America Issue Alerts, 2007.
Citizens in Duval County, FL are collecting more than 20,000 petitions to put a proposed Charter referendum on the Fall 2000 ballot that will establish county-wide minimum standards for tree protection, conservation and mitigation during development.  The grassroots effort follows the weakening of a Jacksonville tree protection ordinance.  For more details, see the Citizens for Tree Preservation website.
Petition for Charter Amendment Minimum Standards for Tree Protection, Conservation and Mitigation During Development
Blue Skies Ahead:  Hot Ways to Cool Down Our Cities — from Newsweek
This 1998 article recounts how planting trees over just 5% of Los Angeles and replacing dark roofs and blacktop could conserve up to $175 million in cooling costs per year, and would have the same magnitude effect on smog as turning "all" on-road vehicles into electric cars.
Cities Should Reconsider Tree Inventory Staff — from American City & County
This article notes that using "volunteer tree inspectors" for a tree inventory "may be penny-wise and pound-foolish," and notes that the city of Toledo, Ohio and a contractor paid $1.5 million in damages when three people were killed when a 36-inch diameter elm fell on them during a storm - because prior to the tragedy the contractor had severed some of the tree's major roots during a sidewalk construction project.
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Florida Highway Beautification Act and Duties of the FDOT
[placeholder for Florida Highway Beautification Commission]
Greening Our Cities — American Forests
Greenways Sought for Bus Commuters in South Florida
How Design Impacts Wellness — Ulrich 10-92
Identified Benefits of Community Trees and Forests 10-96
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[placeholder for Loss of Mature Tree Canopy Poses Dramatic Changes to Historic Neighborhoods]
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Sample Ordinances from Around the State
Telling the Trees from the Forest — Arbor Age 6-97
The Tree Inventory
Tree and Vegetation Conservation Ordinances
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Trees Make Cents
Tunneling as Opposed to Trenching to Save Trees During Underground Construction
Urban Ecological Analysis — American Forests
Western Center for Urban Forest Research and Education
Vision: Build better communities by connecting city dwellers with their community forests in ways that will increase understanding, appreciation, and investment in forest health.