New Threats To Visual Character of Communities

A new form of visual discontinuity:
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No. 1 1.  Big white storage boxes are making their appearance in neighborhood communities.  The square boxy look, white color and large contrasting sign is in marked contrast with the rest of the neighborhood.
No. 2 2.  Sometimes PODS are even placed in the public right-of way and street.
No. 3 No. 4 3. & 4.  More neighborhoods are affected by the visual blight.
No. 5 5.  Some PODS are equipped with fold down large signs that convert to a small sign.  Yet the big white box remains.
No. 6 6.  Detail information about the PODS vendor in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Note the sign on this unit does not fold down to the small wording.
No. 7 7.  Another neighborhood home POD'ed - the visual character disrupted.