Dear Friend:

For many years now, Florida has been losing its scenic beauty.

The causes are many:  (1) a proliferation of billboards along Florida's roadways, (2) the billboard industry's efforts in the state legislature and Congress to restrict local control and to block reform efforts, (3) lack of adequate onsite sign regulations in many Florida cities, (4) an increase in bus bench and bus shelter commercial advertising in the public right-of-way, (5) tree cutting to improve the view of commercial messages on billboards and on-site signs, (6) sudden appearances of cellular telephone towers without adequate zoning controls and the general lack of knowledge among citizens and elected officials as to advances in designs to hide and disguise cellular antennae, (7) delay in burying overhead wires in historic residential districts, and (8) the failure to adopt and enforce sign, tree and landscape ordinances.

Some victories have been achieved at the local level by concerned citizens, city councils and county commissions who have undertaken their own efforts to investigate the cause for the visual blight and disappearing scenic beauty.  Networking with neighborhood leaders and activists in other communities often proves to be a critical step in achieving success.  In other states, scenic conservation efforts have united as Scenic Missouri, Scenic Texas, Scenic Michigan, Scenic Ohio, Scenic North Carolina, Scenic Kentucky, and Scenic Montana.  This growing network of concerned citizens dedicated to scenic conservation is working together in an effort to preserve and restore scenic beauty to our urban and rural areas.

It is time for Floridians to join together to create a Scenic Florida.

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