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1999 Florida Legislature

2000 Florida Legislature

How billboard companies can recoup the value of billboards (including Amortization Fact Sheet, Comptroller General's 1991 letter to Senator Chafee and GAO analysis of amortization, and Nature of Billboards as Personal Property)
Articles of Interest
Informative articles from across the nation (including Billboards Waste Advertiser's Dollars, The Great Billboard Double-Cross, Litter on a Stick, Naegele Case Study Tells How to Fight or to Win Over City Hall, NC Transportation Department Lax on Billboard Regulation)
Editorials of Interest
More than 30 opinions from Florida's leading newspapers
Billboard Legislation and the Takings Issue
The billboard industry's goal has been to completely eliminate amortization as a land use tool.  In its place, the billboard industry would limit local governments to only eminent domain principles.  However, under their formula for calculating the payment of just compensation, the industry would require a local government to pay to a billboard owner an amount far in excess of the original cost of the billboard.
Billboards and Tourism
Senator Leahy:  Tourism sky-rocketed up because people like seeing the views and not seeing the billboards.
Billboard Industry:  Political Contributions
Outline of How to Watch The Billboard Industry Use and Misuse Political Contributions (Legal and Illegal)
Billboard Industry:  State Legislature
Overview of the Billboard Industry's Constant Efforts to Use the Legislature to Advance Private Interests Over Public Interests
Billboard Industry:  Tactics
Ten Tactics Commonly Employed By The Billboard Industry When Confronted By Efforts to Beautify a Community.  See if any of these tactics sound familiar?
Billboard Industry:  Campaign in Jacksonville, FL, 1987
See an example of how the billboard industry actually runs a campaign to mislead the public (includes the "Mom and Pop" scheme, the "Workers to Go on Welfare" pitch, and the "Big Shots from Out of Town" lie)
Billboard Industry:  Miscellaneous
(includes ASLA Policy Statement, Des Moines' Corporate Counsel Letter and Billboard Seminar excerpts, Judge Fines Billboard Company for Mail Fraud)
Case Law:  Relevant Decisions
More than 25 important decisions, including the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Metromedia
Chapter 479, Florida Statutes
Florida's law governing outdoor advertising, i.e., the billboard industry
Did You Know?
Four states have billboard bans ... A new billboard is constructed every 30 minutes along federal-aid highways ...
Federal Elections Commission Advisory - 1978 pertaining to a billboard offered in 1978 at a below market commercial rate of $100 per month.
FHWA 6/12/98 Letter:  Reaffirming policy that off-premise signs using animated or scrolling displays are non-conforming.
FHWA 8/5/98 Letter:  North Carolina's DOT improperly allowed non-conforming signs to be re-erected in violation of the Highway Beautification Act.
FHWA 11/13/87 Letter to Chairman of House Committee on Public Works & Transportation:  Describing FHWA policy on "just compensation" for removal of signs under 23 U.S.C. §131(g).
FHWA Says Billboards on Federal Highways may be Downsized:  Sign Control News, Aug. - Sep. 1987, Vol. 4, No. 4 FHWA ruled that local governments may downsize billboards on federal aid highways without implicating the "cash payment" provision of the federal Highway Beautification Act.
FHWA 6/12/87 Memo re:  Colorado Outdoor Advertising Control/Denver sign ordinance and 23 USC § 131(g):  Whether either of two instances, under Denver's sign ordinance, constituted "removal" for which just compensation was required under subsection (g)
Florida Communities with Bans
A list of the 200-plus Florida communities which prohibit new billboard construction
The Garden Club of America Position Paper - 1999
Position Paper on Billboard Control, Scenic Quality, Scenic Byways and Enhancement Programs
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The Highway Beautification Act (HBA)
Including federal regulations promulgated under the HBA, commentary on adoption of federal regulations from the Federal Register, and the 1972 state-federal agreement
History of Billboard Litigation in Florida
1917 to 1998.  A valuable resource tool for the lawyer and lay person alike.  [approx. 280kb]
"Litter on a Stick"
By John Miller.
Overview of the Billboard Industry
Profiles of outdoor advertising companies with financial information
Public Trees vs. Private Billboards
(includes Adams Outdoor vs. NCDOT, Garden Club of Georgia v. Shackleford (GDOT), article re Tax-Funded Trees Cut Down, and Charles Floyd's article "Trees, Billboards, and the Right to be Seen from the Road")
Resolution in Support of Reforming the Highway Beautification Act
An important resolution for ACTION by neighborhood associations, civic groups, city councils, county commissions, garden clubs, and beautification groups everywhere (includes prohibition of new construction and elimination of tree cutting on public property for billboard visibility)
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The Takings Issue in Billboard Control
Analysis and review of court decisions as to whether amortization in the removal of non-conforming billboards constitutes a "taking" of property, as often asserted by the billboard industry.  -- by Charles F. Floyd, AICP.
Tampa Sign Ordinance

Taxes and Billboards
How some companies have escaped their tax obligations by not filing or by undervaluing their billboards
Tri-Vision Panels
FHWA's change in interpretation, and the billboard industry's role
"You Still Can't See Forest for the Billboards"
By John Miller
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