The Florida Scenic Highways Program Printable Calendars

The Florida Scenic Highways Program Printable Calendars

Photo: 2018 FDOT Scenic Highway Calendar

The Florida Scenic Highways Program (FSHP) publishes calendars that use employee photos to “celebrate the diversity of sights and activities along our Florida Scenic Highways”. Previous year’s calendars remain popular since many people enjoy looking through the photos long after the calendar is outdated and they are downloadable in order to allow them to be printed.

FDOT’s 2017 20th Anniversary Calendar

FDOT’s 2018 Calendar

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Jacksonville: “Homeowners claim city removed Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) signs from yards”

Jacksonville: “Homeowners claim city removed Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) signs from yards”

Video: News4Jax
“Some homeowners claim workers with the city of Jacksonville removed signs they placed in their front yards opposing the sale of JEA.

Residents in Oceanway posted anti-sale signs in their yards. They told News4Jax on Monday someone from the city came and collected them over the weekend.

Photos show a city worker from the code-enforcement staff picking up some of the signs. Some were illegally placed on public property, but a resident said they yanked one of the signs from her yard.

‘I paid for that sign, and I have the right to display that sign on private property,’ a homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said. ‘I want my sign back.’

News4Jax reached out to the city of Jacksonville about the removal of the signs. It released a statement:
‘These snipe signs were posted illegally in the right-of-way based on City ordinance 741.102. Municipal Code Compliance officers work seven days a week removing any snipe sign that violates City ordinance, which may include penalties as defined in ordinance 741.107’…”

— Jim Piggott,Nick Jones, News4Jax

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Jacksonville: “City employee, supervisor placed on leave over military flags flap…”

Jacksonville: “City employee, supervisor placed on leave over military flags flap…”

Video: Florida Times-Union
“As a petition is posted on demanding a Jacksonville city inspector be fired for citing a Westside store for flying military flags, Mayor Lenny Curry has put her on administrative leave after video of her finger-wagging confrontation with employees and a veteran went viral.

Curry also has ordered a review of the employee’s actions as he rescinded the citation she wrote for flying them on either side of American flags at Jaguar Power Sports, a motorcycle dealership at 4680 Blanding Blvd.

The mayor’s City Hall statement said the employee’s supervisor is also on leave following the Monday citation and subsequent argument with staff as well as a customer, a military veteran who was apparently told ‘you did nothing for our country.’

‘The flags can fly,’ confirmed city spokeswoman Tia Ford, after Curry’s statement offered apologies to the customer.

‘Employees of the City of Jacksonville are the servants of taxpayers who have a duty to enforce our laws and regulations. I expect every one of them to do that job in a manner that is respectful and reflects the privilege we all have to serve this great city,’ Curry’s statement said in part. ‘What I saw reported is 100 percent inconsistent with how I expect every city employee to interact with our citizens. I have ordered a review of the actions of the employee and pending the completion of that review, the employee and her supervisor have been placed on leave.’

News of the confrontation in the store surfaced when its manager, Shaun Jackrel, posted a video explaining what happened when city inspector Melinda Power came in to discuss another issue with him. Then she issued a warning for the number of flags flying above the entrance: twin American flags flanked by others representing different branches of the U.S. military. Power wrote down that the flag violation fell under the city code for zoning limitations on signs, according to Times-Union media partner WJCT-FM…

When city officials learned of the citation, Chief of Staff Brian Hughes said they were reviewing the facts of the case as well as ordinances regarding flags and signs, according to First Coast News, another Times-Union media partner. Hughes also noted that the Mayor’s Office was in communication with the business…”

— Dan Scanlan, Florida Times-Union

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Haulover Beach: “FPL, Miami-Dade County team up for 36th Biscayne Bay cleanup”

Haulover Beach: “FPL, Miami-Dade County team up for 36th Biscayne Bay cleanup”

“Florida Power and Light provided on Saturday a different kind of service than providing electricity to homes and businesses. The utility and Miami-Dade County teamed up for the 36th annual Baynanza Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day. The event gave more than 200 volunteers a chance to remove waste from the Biscayne Bay shoreline and take part in the largest shoreline cleanup in South Florida.”


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