Video: News4Jax
“Some homeowners claim workers with the city of Jacksonville removed signs they placed in their front yards opposing the sale of JEA.

Residents in Oceanway posted anti-sale signs in their yards. They told News4Jax on Monday someone from the city came and collected them over the weekend.

Photos show a city worker from the code-enforcement staff picking up some of the signs. Some were illegally placed on public property, but a resident said they yanked one of the signs from her yard.

‘I paid for that sign, and I have the right to display that sign on private property,’ a homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said. ‘I want my sign back.’

News4Jax reached out to the city of Jacksonville about the removal of the signs. It released a statement:
‘These snipe signs were posted illegally in the right-of-way based on City ordinance 741.102. Municipal Code Compliance officers work seven days a week removing any snipe sign that violates City ordinance, which may include penalties as defined in ordinance 741.107’…”

— Jim Piggott,Nick Jones, News4Jax

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