Photo: Citrus County Chronicle
“A development group plans to breathe new life into the old KC Crump restaurant property along the shores of the Homosassa River by turning it into a relaxing spot where people can eat, enjoy outdoor music acts and escape the heat…

Crumps Landing, as envisioned, would include a 3,000-square-foot thatched structure that — depending on who you talk to — is either a tiki hut or a ‘chickee hut.’…

But before anything can open, the applicant has to address several areas of concern outlined by the county on the developers’ submitted permit application.

After learning something was being built on the site, County Building Director Carl Jones said he sent an inspector out in March to look at it and discovered work was being done without a permit and that underground electrical lines were being installed. Jones said he told the builders to stop work and go through the proper permitting channels.

After meeting with Growth Management Director Mark Green, Dan Williams and Byron Rogers of Crumps Landing LLC, Jones said he explained that a formal permit application was needed.

Williams said he believed he was exempt from the from Florida building-code requirements because the hut was to be a ‘chickee hut,’ and being built by the Seminole Indian tribe. State law does exempt such huts from code requirements if built by the Seminole or Miccosukee tribes.”

— Matthew Beck,Citrus County Chronicle
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