Photo: City of Melbourne

“The City of Melbourne is asking for the public’s help in eliminating the blight of illegal snipe signs…

‘Snipe signs are illegal in the City of Melbourne primarily for safety reasons,’ said Officer Cheryl Mall.

‘They are visually distracting– especially when they are posted on stop or other traffic signs. They are also a hazard during a hurricane or strong storm and are a form of litter that blights roadways and neighborhoods.’

Code enforcement officials remove snipe signs whenever they see them. However, often as early as the next day many more are put in their place.

In order to put a stop to this illegal behavior, code officials need to know who is placing the signs so that they can contact that person and begin the compliance process…

If you see someone posting a sign like the image shown above, officials ask you to send a photo of the person, the person’s car and if possible the license plate to City’s Code Enforcement Division at

Code enforcement officials will then use that information to contact the person who is placing the illegal signs and inform him or her that the placement of snipe signs is illegal…”

— Space Coast Daily
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