Photo: WGCU Pixabay

“We’re looking at a preemptive approach to reducing the possibility of harmful algae blooms by reducing the amount of nutrients from stormwater runoff that wind up in the water in the first place — by planting trees. A local nonprofit called OneTree, whose mission is to plant one new tree, per person, per year, is turning its sights on our water crisis through what’s called riparian restoration.

That means planting native trees in natural lower lying terrain, where water flows during rainfall, in order to slow runoff and capture freshwater pollutants. They planted 500 trees a few weeks ago, and have plans to plant more. We’re joined by Wil Revehl, Advancement Director for One Tree; and Kraig Hankins, Environmental Biologist for the City of Cape Coral.”

— Mike Kiniry and Julie Glenn, WGCU
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