Photo: Clearwater 2019 and 2009 Google
“The Tampa Bay Area has experienced tremendous growth in the decade since 83 Degrees Media launched in November 2009…

So we thought it would be interesting to take a look at Google images over time because Google launched the popular Google Street View feature in 2007 and the Tampa Bay Area was one of the first metropolitan regions in the country to see its highways and byways mapped with this then-innovative, you-are-there technology.

Thankfully, Google Street View archives are available for all to enjoy, allowing with a few simple clicks to see what the surrounding scenery looked like from nearly any mapped street since the first images were taken by the Google team. This allows us to take a virtual trip back through time to a decade ago, so we can ‘see’ what some of the Tampa Bay Area’s most popular and important landmarks and attractions have changed over time.

So, let’s hop into the Google Street View time machine and take a trip back to see what a dozen of the most important local landmarks and destinations were like when 83 Degrees first hit the scene and compare them to how they look now. We think you’ll agree that the evolution of our beautiful community is stunning… ”

— Joshua Mcmorrow-Hernandez,
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