Photo: City of Clearwater


“The city of Clearwater welcomes its residents to apply to paint their own storm drain mural. In addition to their artistic value, painted storm drains serve a very important educational purpose by addressing the misconception that it’s acceptable to dispose of trash, grass clippings, and chemicals down storm drains. The water that flows through Clearwater’s storm drains goes directly into the Gulf of Mexico or Tampa Bay without treatment. Therefore, messaging to prevent the disposal of waste in storm drains is pivotal to maintaining safe, clean oceans and beaches. 

To encourage residents, volunteers, and students to get involved, the city of Clearwater will provide all supplies free to participating groups. 

Materials the city of Clearwater will provide: Traffic safety vests, traffic cones, pre-made stencils,  wire bristle brush, Sherwin Williams ProPark traffic paint,  Shark Grip anti-skid additive, paint brushes, sidewalk chalk for outlining mural, plastic gloves, tarp to p

 Very detailed instructions and additional information on City of Clearwater website. 

Photo: City of Clearwater

Tampa and Pinellas Park

“Recognizing the need for information, cities across the region are creating murals and posting signs that inform people that only water belongs in stormwater drains. Last year, in partnership with the city of Tampa, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful volunteers painted stormwater drain murals in Tampa.

This past summer, Pinellas Park worked with artists to paint five stormwater drains near a middle school and a senior center — both areas with higher-than-average foot traffic — to increase visibility and educational opportunities.”

— Vicki Parsons, Tampa Bay Soundings

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