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“The city has been working on a plan to improve Bruce Beach since it reopened to the public in 2018.

In 2019, as part of CivicCon, the landscape architecture firm SCAPE developed a concept to improve Bruce Beach as one of its “catalytic” projects to activate the city’s waterfront, along with a sister project known as the “hashtag” that will improve the intersections of Main, Palafox, Jefferson and Cedar streets…

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson also pushed forward a bond refinancing plan that generated more than $18 million to be used on projects inside the city’s urban core. The city has set aside about $8.6 million of those funds for the Bruce Beach project.

The designs released last week during a virtual public workshop show much of the original 2019 SCAPE plan intact, with a bridge over Washerwoman Creek, a bluff overlooking the water, a learning garden and a kayak launch.

The biggest change in the plan is the absence of an education center that would have been used to teach students about the ecology of Pensacola Bay and the area’s cultural significance and history.

Robinson told the News Journal on Friday that the city still wants to add the education center, but it will have to come from a later round of funding…”

— Jim Little, Pensacola News Journal

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