Photo: Abby Baker
“Drivers and sidewalk-goers in downtown St. Petersburg have likely speculated about the 30-foot, stone sun sculpture that shrinks surrounding buildings and its platform, a roundabout in the city’s bustling EDGE district.

New York-based and Isreali-born sculptor, Ilan Averbuch, created the massive, gear-like fixture for the otherwise-normal roundabout at Central Avenue at 11th Street.

Averbuch, one of 94 creators who applied to create on the space, calls the sculpture an ode to Florida weather, titled ‘The Sun on the EDGE.’ The piece was completed in June, with a city-led ribbon cutting on Thursday, July 15.

The industrial, almost primitive statue of a sunset, bottomed with a darkened granite and steel partial reflection, gives those passing through Central no choice but to circle the sun.

The head-turning aspect is exactly what Averbuch wanted.

‘It’s wonderful to be in the center of town where all the traffic has to slowly make their way around,’ Averbuch said. ‘It’s sort of like a stage.’

The stone sun’s price tag sits at nearly $200k, pulled from the Intown West CRA tax increment funds approved for streetscape improvements…”

— Abby Baker, The Gabber

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