Photo: Tim Shortt, Florida Today

“Constructed as a cutting-edge showpiece mansion in its era, Melbourne’s aged Green Gables estate has slowly structurally deteriorated over the generations — within the looming shadow of a wrecking ball.

Volunteers have spent the past dozen years fundraising and trying to strike a deal to buy the six-bedroom, 1896-vintage American Four Square/Queen Anne house — which features a distinctive octagonal porch — to refurbish as a public asset.

Finally, their historic-home quest has proven successful.

A $482,500 Florida Division of Historical Resources matching grant to help buy Green Gables has been approved in the state budget, said Nicole Hu, historic preservation grants specialist…

Marion Ambrose, president of the preservation-minded nonprofit Green Gables at Historic Riverview Village Inc., described her reaction as “stunned.”

‘I believed we would get it. I was sure we could get it. After all this time, to actually have it happen was pretty mind-numbing. But I’m very excited,’ Ambrose said.

Photo: Tim Shortt, Florida Today

The initial goal: Stabilize the home’s foundation, which has sunk a few inches near the octagonal porch. She said volunteers will also partner with the Marine Resources Council to plant mangroves and install oyster beds along the lagoon shoreline.”

— Rick Neale, Florida Today

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