Community Greening at work in South Florida: “Pine Grove Elementary gets spruced up with 200 trees”

Community Greening at work in South Florida: “Pine Grove Elementary gets spruced up with 200 trees”

Photo: Pebb Capital, Sun Sentinel

“Pine Grove Elementary School in Delray Beach was recently beautified with the addition of 200 trees on its campus.

The newly planted trees are part of a citywide tree relocation program created by Sundy Village and Pebb Capital in collaboration with Community Greening, an urban forestry nonprofit based in Delray Beach, that involves planting 205 trees in areas that need it the most such as rights-of-way, public parks, schools and neighborhoods in Delray Beach, according to Todd Benson, principal of Pebb Capital.

‘We proudly stand behind our corporate social responsibility and want to give back to the community by providing benefits such as better air quality, water filtration, soil stabilization, shade and aesthetic beauty through added foliage.’

The newly planted trees at Pine Grove consist of 50 from Pebb Capital and the rest from the city of Delray Beach, said Mark Cassini, co-director/co-founder of Community Greening…

According to Cassini, Southeast Florida is losing its tree canopy because of storms, diseases and more people moving here.

And planting more trees provides many benefits such as reducing energy usage, lowering the temperature, cleaning the air and reducing flooding, he said…br>
In addition to the tree relocation program, Cassini said that city of Delray Beach funded a tree-planting campaign to plant 10,000 trees in five years. The hope is to increase the city’s tree canopy from 23% to 28%…

The trees planted for this project are Florida native trees such as live oak, red maple, crabwood and South Florida slash pine that have ecosystem and wildlife.”

— Jennifer Shapiro-Sacks, Sun Sentinel

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“Arbor Day celebration smaller because of pandemic, but still meaningful”

“Arbor Day celebration smaller because of pandemic, but still meaningful”

Photo: Meghan McCarthy, Palm Beach Daily

“Putting on gray work gloves and yellow helmets, students from local elementary schools Thursday morning helped celebrate Florida Arbor Day by planting a kapok tree at Phipps Ocean Park in Palm Beach.

‘This is hard work. But it’s real good to plant a tree,’ said Ryder Lazzaro, a third-grader at Palm Beach Day Academy.

The 13-foot-tall seedling, planted just east of the Little Red Schoolhouse at the park south of Sloane’s Curve, could grow to more than 100 feet tall and live more than 200 years.

The fast-growing trees, like the one on Lake Trail on the grounds of the Royal Poinciana Chapel, are known for luxurious canopies and thick buttress roots.

The Garden Club of Palm Beach organized the annual event, which was smaller this year because of the pandemic, said Garden Club President Mary Pressly.

‘We’re hoping to inspire students to help their community. Planting trees and watching them grow may motivate them to go into fields like conservation and botany,’ said Pressly, who was among about 40 other town officials, club members and students who gathered under cloudy skies for the event.

While the national Arbor Day observance is in April, Florida and other states celebrate the day to reflect their best planting time…”

— Bill DiPaolo, Special to the Daily News

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“In honor of Sallye Garrigan Jude”

“In honor of Sallye Garrigan Jude”

Photo: Coral Gables Garden Club

“The Coral Gables Garden Club members voted unanimously to dedicate “Project Canopy” to our dear Life Member, Sallye Jude.

The City of Coral Gables honored the Coral Gables Garden Club and Sallye Jude for her environmental work by proclaiming September 22nd, 2020, Project Canopy Day. Sallye, who joined the garden club in 1983, has a long history of promoting environmental causes in South Florida. Sallye is a member of the Sierra Club, a Fellow at Fairchild Botanic Garden, a past Board member of the Fern and Exotic Plant Society, the South Florida Palm Society, and the Tropical Flowering Tree Society. Plus, she has been a major supporter of the Royal Poinciana Fiesta for many years, which celebrates our magnificent Royal Poinciana tree. Her love and interest in trees are well known throughout the South Florida and Coral Gables communities. It is with the deepest admiration that this project is dedicated to her.

She is our “Johnny Appleseed!”

— Coral Gables Garden Club

Visit the Coral Gables Garden Club to learn more about Sallye Jude

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Scenic Jacksonville: “A Gift for Sulzbacher Village – for renewal and growth in 2021”

Scenic Jacksonville: “A Gift for Sulzbacher Village – for renewal and growth in 2021”

Photo: Scenic Jacksonville
“Scenic Jacksonville is happy to announce our gift of natural beauty to the entrance of Sulzbacher Village! Now, the center is graced with trees and a landscaped garden that matches its mission of growth and renewal for families and children. ‘This has been a collective effort by so many to make this happen, just in time for the holidays and with Spring around the corner,’ said Susan Caven, president of Scenic Jacksonville. ‘We are thrilled to make an important contribution to this special place.’

Scenic Jacksonville donated the landscape design by Board Member Karen McCombs, and the butterfly garden that will enhance the entrance and complement the live oaks. little gem magnolias and palm trees in the right of way.

Many thanks to the team effort included John November and the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida who managed the overall project, the City of Jacksonville and the Tree Commission for approving the funding the trees, Alfred Romeu of Native, Uncommon Plants for installation – and of course the amazing Cindy Funkhouser, CEO of Sulzbacher Center for her help in making the the property more attractive and inviting for both residents and visitors.

‘What a beautiful time to plant the perennials, Oaks, Little Gem Magnolias, Fringe trees and the Washingtonia Palms along the streets around the Village. As the Village grows, so will the landscape!’ added Caven.

Sulzbacher Village is a community of permanent and emergency housing for women and families. Located near Gateway Center just north of downtown, the village also houses a pediatric health center offering care to children in the surrounding area.”

— Scenic Jacksonville
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